Innkeeper’s Corner

Anita Zeno, Innkeeper

My name is Anita Zeno and I am the owner and innkeeper of this lovely bed and breakfast. In April, 2008, I moved to Maine from southern California, where I had lived for 34 years, to buy the Belmont Inn. With a dad in the Air Force when I was a child and a natural life-long wanderlust of my own, I have lived in many parts of the country and have traveled widely. But until moving to Maine, I had never lived in New England.

I have been asked often by my guests about my decision to leave my former life and start this new one. The short answer to those questions is that, once I realized that my children would never live in San Diego again, I felt the freedom to try something new. And, besides, it was time to shake things up! Every once in a while, you just have to.

The longer answer is that, after about 10 years in a particular field of work, I am ready to learn something new. Straight out of college I worked for a short time as a medical technologist followed by careers as a speech and language pathologist, a special education teacher, and a private practice psychotherapist. Then I left it all for more than a year and went traveling in Europe. About half way through the trip I was in Spain and I was the only passenger on a small tourist bus. As we drove from the top of one of Granada’s two hills, where the Alhambra is, to the top of the other, where the Albayzin is, I asked the driver where he was originally from. He said Madrid. And what had he previously done for work? He had been a social worker. He told me several stories about working in the inner city and then he said, “I tell people, I still help people with their problems. Only now, they’re happy problems!”

Diglet, the Belmont Cat

And now that’s what I do, too. I feed people, something I’ve always loved to do, and I help them have the experiences they’ve come here looking for, whether that means solitude and privacy or the opportunity to meet new people and have interesting conversations. I help my guests find great lobster, the best swimming holes, good bike routes, great hikes, interesting gifts and keepsakes, nationally renowned art, and good places to just hang out and enjoy life. And it is always my hope that each of my guests leaves with great memories of this beautiful part of the world.

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